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The secret to growing your business Instagram account (and 8 tips on how!)

Ever wondered how some brands build a real audience so quickly when they have only just started their Instagram? How they have built such a dedicated and interested fanbase? So quickly?

We know how…

The truth is you already have fans! They may be friends, colleagues, and even communities you’re part of. 

The fundamental strategy of growing your Instagram audience organically is to redirect audiences from other areas, either online or in real life (IRL).

Here are 8 tips on where to redirect from:

  1. Your personal brand – you have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the list goes on, filled with people interested and waiting to hear what you’re up to, let them know! Post, tag, and link to your Instagram to redirect them.


2. Articles and Blogs – look what we’re doing right here! Simply sharing your knowledge is incredibly valuable. You can do the same with what you know, regardless of what that is, someone will want to hear it. Social media marketing is our thing, so that’s what we write and post about, and people always want to hear more so we also give tips and tricks on our Insta @wyspr_


3. Collaborate & Giveaway – One of the best ways to grow your audience is to cross-pollinate with other Instagram accounts that have complimentary content, and the best way is through a giveaway! Don’t worry if the accounts you want to work with have a bigger following than you, this just means you’ll probably have to offer more to the party, for example, front more of the cost of a giveaway. But this also means you get the biggest return! These posts usually require people to follow both accounts, like the photo, and tag 3 friends.


4. Tag places – Two words: Places and Faces. Your fans are out there, and they tend to hang out in the same places! Geo-tag your posts so you can capture them!


5. IRL redirects Why not take it a step further? A great way to get redirects is to host events at these places, or even viral stunts to draw attraction to your Instagram! Physical traffic translates nicely into digital!


6. Community groups Your fans don’t just accumulate in physical spaces, people interested in your niche are already talking to each other in Facebook groups, pages, websites, and subreddits! Make an authentic post about your brand and engage with your community!


7. Hashtags for your community - whether you know it or not you are part of an online community, engage with them! Communities will respond to your brand, use the correct hashtags to locate them, like a few of their photos and leave a meaningful comment.


8. Divert hashtags from other pop culture phenomenon occurring. On Instagram, the hype around certain topics explode! Jump on the bandwagon and try and redirect some of the attention!


There are so many ways to build brand awareness and redirect attention to your social media profiles, but hands down the best and most direct is running a Friendvertiser campaign with us at WYSPR click here to find out more!

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