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Our story

WYSPR was started by Oliver Bourne and Eliot Wood, two business students from the University of Essex. Eliot and Oliver met each other on their very first day and shared the same passion for business and vision for the future. 

Academically, both Eliot and Oliver were obsessed with branding and online advertising but considered most methods antiquated. Influencer marketing seemed particularly interesting, but they saw it as that it could often become transparent, inauthentic, and lacked a data driven approach.  

They saw influencers desperately try and build a sense of friendship with their audience in order to gain trust and thought: ‘why bother? We already have friends, people we know, love, and trust so why not use them?’ It made little sense to the guys as to why an influencer’s like was worth something but the regular persons wasn’t, especially when their friends clearly cared more about what they have to say! 


So, in their final year of university and the chaos of their small flat, they set about democratizing Influencer marketing. ​​After a year and a half of preparation and hard work, WYSPR was ready to launch - suddenly, COVID-19 scorched across the world. When most companies were set ablaze, WYSPR rose to try and help. Where many are losing their jobs, experiencing a loss of income, and having to change their lives, WYSPR is providing the means to claw some cash back and still enjoy the small luxuries of life. 

We hope to see a future where the power is back with the people, we all have digital assets, data, and influence that we deserve to be able to monetize as opposed to having them swindled from us. For now, we will do what we can to help. 


Fancy a chat?

Use the 'contact us' button at the bottom of the page or connect with us on LinkedIn. We'd love to hear about what you've got going on!

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Eliot Wood

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​Oliver Bourne​

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