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Create an IG business account and FAQ's

Creating an IG business account

Switching to an Instagram Business account is super simple and anyone can do it! It only takes a few minutes via the Instagram app:

  1. Open your Instagram app

  2. Got to your profile and tap the      icon in the top right corner of you profile

  3. Tap on “Settings”

  4. Go to “Account” and selected “Switch to Business Account”

  5. From here you’ll be taken through the remaining steps to switch your profile and you should be able to connect your account to the page you just made

Make sure your business account is connected to a page:

To be able to login to WYSPR, you will need to ensure that you have connected your Instagram business account to a Facebook Business page (not your profile, but a page).


  1. Open Instagram

  2. Got to your profile, tap the     icon in the top right corner of you profile and then tap on “Settings”

  3. Go into “Business”

  4. Tap “Claim your Facebook page”

If you haven’t got or made a Facebook business page, then click here and we’ll show you how to make one in a under 60 seconds.

If Instagram is still saying that your IG isn’t a business account, then just click here to continue with the guide.

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General Instagram business account conversion questions:


Will I be able to sign up without one?

No – WYSPR requires all of its Friendvertisers to sign up as a business account linked to a page so that the login will work.

Will this cost me anything?

Nope, just a few minutes of your time!


What are the benefits?

Apart from being able to take part in and earn money from campaigns with brands that you may already know and love via WYSPR, you’ll now be able to get more from your IG app:

  • See how well your posts and stories perform when you post them

  • Gain insights into the general demographics of your followers

  • See when the best time to post is (as it will show you the avg. peak time that your followers are online)

  • The option to promote your posts


Could I lose followers or engagement by switching accounts?

Nope! This will make no difference to your following or engagement


Will the IG algorithm boost or lower my performance?

Neither! Instagram has confirmed that it doesn’t give preference to personal or business/creator account and has also confirmed that shadow banning isn’t a real thing, so it won’t hide or lower your performance.

Ultimately, IG is underpinned by its algorithm which focus on the content that you like and the content that your followers like and isn’t focused or effect by what type of account is making the content (as long as it’s good and people love it, it will do well!).


Why do brands want people to have business accounts?


Well, there’s a few reasons:

  1. It allows for a secure login system that keeps your data safe

  2. Audience (follower) demographic data means that brands are more likely to pick you over someone else if your audience better matches who their looking to target (E.g. Women aged 18-25 in London) and it also ensure that if their product is age restricted (e.g. Alcohol), then they are meeting the legal requirements of who they can and can’t market too.


 Any more questions? Just hit us up for some TLC via Instagram DM's or send in a support ticket here.

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