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Having issues creating a Facebook page via Instagram?

Getting the issue below or one similar? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too! This sometimes happens because FB and IG don’t integrate well as IG wasn’t originally built by FB, but acquired.


Here are some simple solutions that we have found to work:

  • Click back

    • Go to the top left hand of the page, tap the arrow to go back and simply try to enter this information again. Sometimes this is all it needs!

  • Exit it out completely or refresh the app

    • This can often mean that you’ve turned into a business account but just need to complete a few more steps for it to work properly.

    • To check and see if this has worked:

      • Go to your account and tap settings

  • Then tap 'Account'

  • If says ‘Switch to a personal account’, then great news. You currently have an IG business account! If so, you can move onto the next step.

    • If it still says ‘Switch to a business account’ then just tap it and try to make one again, it should only take a minute.

  • Next step! Switch back to a personal account.

    • I know this seems counter intuitive, but this is effectively the IG version of turn it off and on again.

  • Now you’re nearly there! Go back and switch to a professional account again.

  • When you get to this page you can tap ‘Don’t use my contact info’

  • You’ve done it! You’re here! You should be presented with a page like the below.

    • If Facebook did make you a page, then you can connect it by selected it and clicking next.

    • However, if there is still no page, then we would recommend going directly to FB and creating a business page.

    • This is quick and easy and guaranteed to work unlike the ‘create a new FB page’ option below. Once done it will simply appear on the page below.

    • However, if you fancy it, you can still use the ‘create a new FB page’ option via IG as below if you want to give it another go!


Still having issues? Get in touch via the 'Contact us' button below!

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