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General app issues

Having some performance issues? 🤔

If you’re experiencing trouble logging into the app, using the app, issues with any of the jobs/vouchers/articles, or any other problems, then here are a few quick fixes that 95% of the time will resolve the issue:


  1. Close the WYSPR app in your phone's background and open it up again ✅

  2. Check that you have the latest version of the WYSPR app on the app store ✅

  3. Check your Instagram app is up to date on the app store ✅

  4. Check that you have the latest version of iOS or Android ✅

  5. Check that you can login on your Instagram app ✅

  6. Delete the WYSPR app and re-download it via the app store ✅


If you've tried and tested all of the above and it still doesn’t work, then send a support ticket by clicking this link and we’ll investigate deeper.

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