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  • Having some technical prodblems with the app or signing up?
    Check out our guide by clicking here.
  • What is the main purpose of WYSPR?
    WYSPR provides a bespoke, crowd-promotion service, harnessing the power of the individual to promote brands and collect data in the most authentic manner possible. Previously, only celebrities and micro-celebrities were able to monetize their social media presence. We were created in order to give every individual the opportunity to capitalise on their social following by promoting the brands that they already know and love.
  • What is a Creative? Is it the same as a Friendvertiser?
    A Creative is the same as a Friendvertiser. This is a regular person just like you and me! We have friends instead of fans which makes our influence more authentic, so we aren’t concerned about follower count. Instead, we require a minimum engagement percentage of 8%, which is 300% higher than the average Influencer!  
  • Who are the Brands?
    WYSPR is open to everyone. Almost every company, organisation, or brand can benefit from our services, as authentic promotion and data collection are the most valuable marketing services available in the digital economy, and we offer the best. 
  • Is WYSPR a global service?
    WYSPR is based in London and primarily focuses on the UK market, but the digital world has no barriers so get in touch if you want to target other countries! Our Friendvertisers extend far and wide and we can operate in a multitude of markets, but we always operate in £GBP.
  • Does your service fit within advertising regulations?
    Yes. In many parts of the world, including the US, UK, Europe, it is a legal requirment to declare if a post is sponsored. We advise all our creatives to stay in line with the law, the easiest way to do this is to simply include #ad. For further guidance, see our T&Cs.
  • Who creates the content?
    We work with brands to establish a campaign brief and instructions for our Creatives in order to create authentic and genuine content for each campaign. Brands can be represented by PR or Media Agencies but only Creatives can create content. 
  • Who owns the content created?
    WYSPR owns the content for all campaigns. We record and document every piece of creativity produced in a campaign so that we can understand what performs well and why. This helps us tune our service and provide the finest data and promotion available on the market. The content can be bought for future advertising campaigns by brands. 
  • Is there an approval process?
    At WYSPR we are content curators. Our Creatives are specifically invited to work on each individual campaign based on a multitude of market segmentations of both themselves and their audience. The Creative is also required to post in accordance with the campaign brief and our house rules, we also examine each post to make sure they adhere to these standards. 
  • What are the WYSPR House rules?
    Our House Rules can be found in our Terms and Conditions. To protect the integrity and authenticity of our service, we expect both our Creatives and Brands to adhere to these principles. Feel free to suggest an amendments or additional rules by dropping us a line via
  • What if a Creative or Brand violates the House Rules?
    Our House Rules are there for a reason and we take any violation very seriously, retaining the right to suspend an account immediately. If you feel that a Creative or Brand has violated our Hose Rules, please get in touch via 
  • Do you work with Facebook and Instagram?
    Yes. We work closely with them to establish how best to work within their parameters and improve our service. 
  • What does WYSPR do with my personal information?
    WYSPR uses your personal information to improve your website experience. You have the right to request to access, amend, or in some cases remove the information that WYSPR holds about you by getting in touch via These rights are also outlined in our Privacy Policy.
  • How can I be sure I'm not paying to reach fake followers?
    At WYSPR, we don’t focus on the follower count of Creatives but instead their engagement rate. As a result, there is no incentive to acquire fake followers, and in fact, if they did it would reduce their engagement rate and their pay as fake followers offer no interaction! Regardless, if we identify a Creative with fake followers they will be removed from our systems.
  • Is WYSPR cutting out Advertising, Media, PR or Creative Agencies?"
    Of course not! We don’t mind who approaches us for a campaign on behalf of the brand. We work closely with many agencies to assist them in whatever way we can.
  • Is WYSPR a platform?
    No, unlike many others in our industry we believe in hand-selecting the Creatives that work for you to make sure that they are the most authentic in the field. As a result, we are a tailored service and not a platform.
  • Can I browse Creatives before I start a campaign?
    No, as we aren't a platform our friendvertiser database is private. As part of our bespoke service, part of what we do is commissioning the perfect collection of creatives to work on your campaign.
  • Do Brands use the WYSPR app?
    The WYSPR App is for the Creatives to submit content, there isn't much to see there as a brand! But we will keep you updated on how the campaign is going and how to view it directly on Instagram.
  • Are there any subscription or setup fees?
    No. You’ll only get charged once you commission the campaign, it costs nothing to "Get started for free" or to get in contact with us!
  • When does my credit card get charged for payment?
    WYSPR will only ever charge your card once you have commissioned the campaign and given the formal go-ahead. We don’t charge to build a brief or discuss campaigns with us.
  • Is there a minimum spend?
    No, we can provide an estimation of what engagement you will receive from each budget. However, depending on your campaign and what you wish to achieve, we will advise budget brackets. Most jobs with WYSPR are between £3,000 and £12,000 in order to produce a significant impact.
  • How can I ensure a Creative doesn't promote my competitor?
    As our Creatives are also your consumers, they will often already have brand loyalty. What keeps our Creatives honest is posting in line with what they love already, but we also take measures to make sure that Creatives don’t work on behalf of competitors during and a short while after a period of the campaign.
  • Can I pay with products?
    The short answer, no! We don't even recommend sending your products for Creatives to post about, as if they don't already own it or aren't willing to buy it, they have no right to recommend it to their friends. The only circumstance where we do reccomend sending a product is when it is yet to launch or inaccessible to a Creative, and in this case we'll arrange delivery.
  • How do I get a product sample to the Creative?
    We don't recommend sending your products for Creatives to post about, as if they don't already own it or aren't willing to buy it, they have no right to recommend it to their friends. The only circumstance where we do reccomend sending a product is when it is yet to launch or inaccessible to a Creative, and in this case we'll arrange delivery.
  • Can we check a Creatives engagement before approval of a campaign?
    No, but rest assured, engagement rate is our benchmark metric for our freindvertisers, and we don’t let anyone on our database without a minimum of 8%.
  • Is a post guaranteed to reach all the Creatives followers?
    No. Social media platform algorithms dictate how relevant a post will be. Considering this, because the engagement of our Creatives is much higher than an influencer and their audience numbers are much smaller, there is a substantially greater chance that why they will impact more of their followers than an influencer!
  • What if I don't like the posts featured in my campaign?
    Brands don’t have the same control in communication when it comes to new forms of social media advertising such as Influencers and by extension, Freindvertisers. Think of your friends and how you communicate with each other, you're familiar with them and you know how they speak, post, and share their stories. If this were to change then the campaign would be less authentic and would not produce the desired effects.
  • What do I do if I'm unhappy with the final results?
    The results of your campaign will vary according to a multitude of variables in social media that we can't control. Contact us at and we will happily attempt to resolve any issue for you.
  • What if the Creative publishes the incorrect post?
    In the rare circumstance that this occurs we will resolve the issue immediately. If this comes to your attention, please contact us at
  • How do you measure my campaign's success?
    At the end of the campaign we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of what we have achieved. Ultimately, this comes down to engagement achieved against the total cost, as well as your own ROI indicators.
  • App problem: Having issues creating a Facebook page via Instagram?
    Check out our guide by clicking here.
  • What payment methods do you support?
    We currently use PayPal to pay you what you've earned in your WYSPR Wallet, as it is easy to use and available globally. However, we are open to suggestions regarding new payment methods based on our communites demands.
  • Why is WYSPR requesting access to my social media account?
    Only you will ever be allowed to post to your account, but we request access as we need to be able to retrieve the insights for each of your sponsored posts.
  • Who constructs the questions for a poll?
    We establish the question to be asked on polls with the client, the question must be asked in the exact same way as it appears on your job instruction brief.
  • How do I get the brands' products?
    The brand will only send their products if there are special circumstances such as them not being available to buy. WYSPR has chosen you due to your authentic advocacy of products that you use and love or are interested in trying. At the end of the day, if a creative isn't prepared to buy a product, how can they recommend it to their friends?
  • Why is my WYSPR payment currency different to my country’s currency?
    WYSPR is a U.K. based company so you will be paid in £GBP - but you will always be paid your value.
  • How do you decide what I'm paid?
    WYSPR values 2 things, your engagement percentage, and your total engagement figure. Our formula considers both as well as the client's budget in order to determine how much you can be paid. The highest payouts are to those with the highest engagement rates/figures, and the best way to get this is to be authentic and creative!
  • Once I accept the job, how long do I have to post?"
    Each job has its unique instructions and they should be followed. In general, each campaign will have its run time and you should post enough time before the end date in order to maximise your engagement.
  • Where’s my money?
    Once you publish your post, we'll transfer you the agreed amount into your WYSPR Wallet which can be taken out through PayPal within 48 hours
  • Why am I getting no invites?
    It is important that you express all your interest and try to maximise your engagement percentage. The more areas of interest you have and the higher your engagement rate, the more job offers you will receive.
  • Does 'too many sponsored posts' exist?
    Yes. Remember, these are your friends and they follow you to see you. Of course, the brand and products you love are a big part of you so publish them whenever you want but too many can alienate your friends.
  • Will there be negativity for my sponsored posts?
    You may experience this from this as many won't see the benefits, but remember, as consumers a big part of our identity is what we buy and there is nothing wrong with supporting that. Negativity is likely to come when a post is inauthentic, so make sure you truly believe in the product.
  • Can I connect more than one Instagram account to my WYSPR account?
    You may be using one or more than one Instagram account to work through, but these will have to be kept separate and be connected to separate Facebook pages. If we approach you for a job on one profile it must be completed with that profile. To check the invites for others you will have to log out and then back in again on WYSPR app.
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