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Promote the brands you love – get paid for it!

Sign up and get invited to campaigns on behalf of the brands you already use and love.

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The perfect side  hustle

Wyspr - Friendvertiser Campaign
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Cash for what you do already 

How it works

WYSPR is the first app which allows you to monetise the digital assets you already have!

We have two types of campaign; Paid Posts & Paid Polls.

Accept our invitation to work on a task for the brands that best suit your interests.


Get matched with the brands you love!

Let your creativity flow


Make your branded photo, video, or poll and share it with your friends on Insta.

Sit back and relax, our WYSPR app lets us know how well your post is doing.

Let us do the work!


Get paid straight into your PayPal as soon as your task is verified as complete! 

Cold. Hard. Cash.

Get paid

What do we do?

WYSPR friendvertisers
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Success to WYSPR is a world where anyone can get paid to advertise.


We all share and recommend brands to our friends and family already, why not get paid for it?


We give our data away for what? Convenience? A slightly cheaper phone? Often, we are simply tricked into giving it away by some game we’ve downloaded... WYSPR asks that we take the power back, why not sell our data on our terms, why not advertise to our friends, and why not get paid by the brands that we already recommend.


Social media is like a room full of influencers and companies all shouting at each other, so much that we have all gone deaf. That’s why we say: ‘Never shout, Always WYSPR’


We're the only service that allows any Instagram user to monetize their influence and spread the word about brands they love.   

Get Paid

We all promote products already, start getting paid for it! WYSPR allows you to take the power back and get paid by the brands you love.

Grow your following 

​Get articles from a range of social media experts with cutting edge techniques to grow your social media accounts.

Save money

We team up with brands to offer exclusive vouchers tailored specifically to your interests.

Get something back from the brands you love.

Download our app and start earning.

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