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WYSPR X Aparatus

Case study

Selfridges Pop-Up


The Brand

Aparatus is a unique and forward-thinking fashion brand placing the utility of what you wear first.


Headed by the charismatic Owner, Founder and Designer Lewis Palmer, Aparatus is defined by the sentiment of "Make something with purpose and fashion will follow" - Lewis Palmer 2017.


This Innovative view on what we wear is encapsulated by the iconic Palmer Pouch, providing utility as well as style for those who seek a symbol of membership to an exclusive community that rebels against the fast fashion titans and instead opts for clothing with a purpose.

The Challenge

Without the time or resources to handle inhouse, Aparatus turned to WYSPR for a fully managed Friendvertiser solution to compliment the physical launch of their Work & Wear capsule in Selfridges.


Aparatus wanted to execute a digital presence with the same level of utility and authenticity present at the Pop-Up. Translating the well established and curated brand into this medium was their key concern.


The collection included elements of British heritage, durable production and work wear designs with military execution, themes that would have to also be translated into the campaign.



Our goals

Aparatus Pop-Up.jpg


  • Align the digital brand with the physical ​​​​​​​​​


  • ​Ensure Authenticity 


  • Boost awareness on and offline


  • Target a London based audience aged 18-34 

​The solution

After our initial consultation and careful analysis of Aparatus’ brand essence and identity, we pitched 3 campaign concepts to answer this call to action.

By choosing our recommended concept, we would send Friendvertisers to the Selfridges Pop-Up to take their own photo’s with the exclusive merchandise and post it on their Instagram.


Armed with our understanding and aided by our Friendvertiser selection algorithm, we selected the 22 most compatible Friendvertisers from our cutting-edge analytics platform and guaranteed that we’d meet the market averages of:

Cost Per Engagement

Total Engagement


*based on budget


Engagement Percentage


What we achieved

The smaller scope of a Friendvertiser allows us to target demographics with scalpel like precision by inviting only Friendvertisers with the appropriate audiences to work on campaigns. This, coupled with their high engagement and authentic avocation for the brand, lead to astonishing results that surpassed all our targets:

Average CPE

Total Engagement


156% above target







32% under target


Engagement Percentage


780% above target














Extra content

As we match brands with consumers that love their industry or already advocate for their brands, it’s no surprise that our Friendvertisers went above and beyond their original requirements.

We had numerous cases of Friendvertisers posting IG stories about the brand and follow up posts. And as many of our Friendvertisers are creatives, we even had one produce the video seen on the right!


Credit: @chris.daniels_kobe.  


Advocates become buyers

We normally operate on an ownership model where our Friendvertisers advocate for brands that they already own or are willing to go out and buy.


However, given the exclusivity of the drop and time constraints, we had the Friendvertisers come down to the Pop-Up to advocate for the brand. As they all are interested in and wear this type of streetwear, many signed up for and are waiting for the release of jackets not included in this drop.

Driving offline buzz & media

The presence of our Friendvertisers trying on Aparatus’ wear and taking photo’s drove huge interest in the brand from passing shoppers in a hugely competitive section of the department store, creating the opportunity for interesting conversation starters and helping drive sales.


This also allowed Aparatus to create some fantastic content with their photographer (@maxkindersley), capturing organic moments that would otherwise be lost.

Ready to get started?

This is the ultimate brand awareness tool. WYSPR nailed exactly who I was looking to reach and in such an authentic way.

​Louis Palmer, Owner & Designer

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