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Discover the power of Friendvertising.

The best data comes from our best relationships.

The only

authentic friendvertising agency

Friendvertisier Campaign
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Want to see us in action?

​See how we drove awareness online and offline for Aparatus' Selfridges Pop-Up.

Two types of campaign

Friendvertisier LandRover
Friendvertisier Beefeater
Friendvertisier Colgate

Friendvertising campaign 

An authentic and bespoke campaign for your product. We select the ideal collection of creatives to generate content and advocate for your brand in order to achieve your targeting criteria. 

Friendvertisier Rolex or Breitling
Friendvertisier Weather

Consumer Data Campaign 

Our signature and innovative service. We select the right creatives to post a question, poll, or another opinion metric in order to gauge the view of your consumers. The most authentic and accurate data collection service available with full-service turnaround times as little as 36 hours.

How it works

Guiding you through the process of your bespoke campaign

Get started for free

Get in touch via the email, phone, 'get started for free' button, or filling out the 'contact us' form and we will get in touch at a time that suits you.

Say hello!

Develop authenticity


After an initial consultation and careful analysis of your brands essence and identity, we present multiple custom campaigns for you to review until we find the perfect one. ​

Once accepted, we select the most compatible Friendvertisers from our cutting-edge analytics platform to create authentic, branded content. So sit back and relax!

Perform market surgery


At the end of the campaign, you receive a comprehensive breakdown of all the data and its meaning along with advisable actions and complimentary consultancy. 

Deep insights



The future of brand marketing.

Classic Influencer marketing can often become transparent. Consumers are becoming aware and immune to advertising from relationships they're not invested in.

Friendvertising perfects this and benefits from the best relationships we have; our friends.


Supply of top tier Friendvertisers is ready and plentiful. Accounts of up to 5k followers make up most of Instagram so we can accommodate businesses and campaigns of any size.

Brand Safety

WYSPR checks and moderates each post to ensure that it's in line with your carefully curated brand.

Authentic Advocates

Creatives purchase your products to promote, but if you want to send them samples then we are happy to help!

Word of mouth

WYSPR takes word of mouth digital for your brand by promoting your product or service from a source that consumers trust.

Targeted Marketing

Our extensive and detailed creative database allows us to target demographics with scalpel like precision by inviting only Friendvertisers with the appropriate audiences to work on campaigns.

Cost effective

Guaranteed engagement

Save time

WYSPR provides a full service campaign so you can focus on what you do best. We can accommodate for rush turnarounds in as little as 36 hours.

We use friends, not followers! Our creatives have a minimum engagement rate so we can make sure that people take notice.

WYSPR makes sure you get the best out of your marketing budget by taking away the risk. We guarantee to meet the market Cost Per Engagement, or your money back!

1000's of Creatives are ready, are you?

The future of marketing is here, what are you waiting for?

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